Effective. Efficient. Eco-friendly

At The Trash Can Cleaning Company, we work with custom designed trailers that make cleaning and sanitizing bins as easy as can be! They are equipped with a powerful trash bin & recycle bin sanitizing solution that can remove harmful bacteria and germs that may build up in your trash bins.

Our system is 100% eco-friendly and uses self-contained cleaning equipment that collects all the wastewater and chemicals to avoid it running off into the stormwater drain. This means that all the chemicals in the degreasers and soaps don’t go back into your local ecosystem!

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    Position the Bins

    We start by inspecting the bins and getting rid of any leftover garbage or waste. After which we attach your bin to our truck's hydraulic grabber, which safely and securely grips your containers.

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    Load The Bins

    At this stage, the hydraulic grabbers lift the bins and place them in the truck, at an angle that optimizes cleaning. Your bins are ready to be cleaned!

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    High-Pressure Cleaning

    As soon as the bins are correctly loaded, pressure washing begins. Our hot water cleaning system and high-pressure spinning jets scrub using eco-friendly cleaning products to remove dirt, and up to 99.9% of the harmful germs and bacteria commonly in bins.

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    We leave behind bins that are deodorized, germ-free and sparkling clean.