The Eco-friendly Solution to Dirty Trash Bins

Whether you own a business or a home, maintaining the overall appearance of your property is essential. Even more important is the appearance of your trash bins! Not only will dirty, smelly bins give a bad impression to your guests and customers, but it could also pose a health risk as they’ll be infested with germs.
We are The Trash Can Cleaning Company, and we offer residential and commercial cleaning services for compost, recycling, and trash bins. We use a dumpster-like trailer to lift your bins and clean the insides thoroughly, with the aim of getting rid of at least 99.9% of the germs commonly found in bins.

We will;

  • Clean your bins.
  • Disinfect them.
  • Deodorize them.

Keeping people safe is our number one goal. We no longer need to accept trash bins as filthy and bacteria ridden receptacles. The trash can Cleaning company is a convenient, affordable, and eco-friendly solution dirty germ-free bins.

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