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We are the trash can Cleaning company, and we offer residential and commercial cleaning services for compost, recycling, and trash bins. We use a dumpster-like truck to lift your bins and clean the insides thoroughly, with the aim of getting rid of at least 99.9% of the germs commonly found in bins.

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What We Do


  • We're obsessed with clean, germ-free bins – yours! Not only is our service affordable, but it is also eco-friendly and efficient too!
  • Want your bins cleaned monthly quarterly or yearly? Whatever your needs we’ve got you covered!
  • Everyone deserves clean, great smelling, sanitized bins – ready to jump on the wagon? Contact us today!


  • Care Homes
  • Shopping Center and Outlets
  • Country Club
  • Supermarkets and Grocers
  • Hospitals
  • Recreational Center
  • Apartments and Condominiums
  • Schools and Educational Facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Fast Food Chains


    Take your driveway from dull and unsanitary to bright and germ-free with the help of our pressure washing service!


    Want your sidewalks to shine like they were newly laid? Call us today! With our pressure washing service, sidewalks that shine are just a phone call away.

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    • I am so impressed with how clean our trash cans are! On top of that they are super affordable! I recommend this company to everyone who wants/needs their containers cleaned!

      Troy Foote
    • This service is super convenient, affordable and they do a great job!

      Jolene Young
    • OMGoodness. this is the best thing since sliced bread…my cans are clean and don’t smell without lifting a finger.
      In the past I would spend up to a half of day trying to clean the smelly dirty trash cans only to get the ugly task of cleaning my gutter or lawn of the gunk.
      This service is Affordable and convenient.
      Cheaper than $60 per can the city charges to replace garbage cans

      Donna Muccilli
    • Can’t say enough good about the company and the wonderful job they did. Will DEFINITELY use them again!!

      Donna Petersen
    • what a genius idea of a company! they came and cleaned my cans and it was SO easy and they look great!

      Crystal Howa Villela
    • moved into my rental home with a smelly garbage … assuming people who came to see the house were dumping food in it without a bag and it had maggots in it. i poured clorox to kill the maggots in like july and it’s just been dirty and horrible… just had my 1st service yesterday and WOW just amazing. DEFINITELY recommend!!!

      Cathy Ishmael
    • I was so excited to see this service being offered, I hate smelly cans! I signed up and had an appointment the day after my trash got emptied and couldn’t be happier! Thank you so much

      Amy Miller Gowan
    • Had my first service today and couldn’t be more impressed with the quality of the service! Definitely a repeat customer!!!! Five Stars for sure!!! 😁

      Abby Chancellor